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Providing Pain Relief and Promoting Wellness Through Chiropactic Care


Dr. Brian Ruggiero, Dr. Matthew Chella, and Dr. Yojana Shahi work to relieve the patient’s pain and improve function, addressing the source of the symptoms, to restore the patient to a higher quality of life. As chiropractors, they take a holistic view of the patient’s health concerns, taking steps to restore mobility, while alleviating pain, through chiropractic adjustments, gentle mobilizations, physiologic therapeutics, rehabilitative stretches and exercises, various soft tissue techniques, nutritional supplementation, and lifestyle modifications. In addition to, acupuncture treatment is also offered by the doctors. Our entire staff is excited to work with our patients for them to reach their optimal health and achieve their goals.

Welcome Dr. Yojana Shahi!

Dr. Shahi is very excited to be on the team of amazing doctors at Ruggiero Family Chiropractic. Dr. Shahi believes everyone deserves to live a life free of pain and illness. She is highly skilled in different chiropractic techniques, combined with soft tissue muscle work, rehab exercises, and neuromuscular reeducation to best help her patients. She enjoys treating patients of all ages to help them achieve a higher quality of life through better health.



Our office, located in downtown Manchester, at 1047 Main St, is easily accessed off Interstate 384, exit #3, with free parking, flexible hours, and accessibility. We accept  many forms of payment, including most insurance plans, worker’s compensation, and letters of protection for auto accident injuries.

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