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ACUPUNCTURE – Pain Relief with Needles!!!

What is it?

(Eastern Practitioners—originated in China thousands of years ago, popularity increased in US over past 30 years): Chinese believe that energy (Qi) flows throughout pathways just below the skin throughout the body (meridians). Pain occurs when this Qi gets “stuck.” Application of thin sterile stainless-steel needles releases stuck energy (Qi) along specific points along pathways (meridians). Balancing the flow of Qi throughout the body ensures that it is functioning fully without pain.  

(Western practitioners): Needles stimulate nerves, tendons, and muscles to boost endorphin (pain-free chemical) release and increase blood flow to initiate healing.

Why it’s done?

For relaxation, and symptomatic relief of muscular tightness and pain, headaches, arthritis (very effective in relieving knee arthritis), frozen shoulder, sciatica, golf/tennis elbow, asthma, sinus pressure and pain, digestive complaints, decreasing cravings, etc…..Very effective in increasing quality of life by decreasing symptomatology for MS patients, Parkinson’s patients, cancer patients, and other diseases.


Soreness, small amount of bleeding or bruising at site…overall, there are very few side effects!

Treatment description:

Needle insertion is placed along specific points throughout the body.  Needle is very thin (think horse hair size) so there is little discomfort if any. Some points are far removed from the area of pain.  Points below elbows and knees as well as along scalp and face are very effective. Anywhere from 5 to 20 needles are used in a typical treatment. Patients may feel a mild deep aching sensation when a needle reaches the correct depth (to reach Qi). Once inserted, needles may be gently twirled to stimulate the points for greatest effect or use of mild electrical stimulus to remove pain.  Use of heat lamp also helps to flow the Qi.  Needles remain in place for 15-30 minutes. There is no sensation of discomfort with removal. All needles are placed safely into the sharps container

Length of Treatment:

About 20 minutes – 30 minutes while relaxing in a comfortable position. Initial examination and treatment is usually about 30-40 minutes.


Sometimes immediate sense of relaxation and pain relief, other times positive effect is noted the following day after a night’s sleep. Most patients note that results greatly improve their overall quality of life.  


Typically once or twice a week for a few weeks or up to 6 to 12 treatments over a few months. Depends upon how severe the condition is and how long symptoms have been present. Several maintenance sessions a year is also usually recommended to maintain optimal lasting relief.

If conventional treatment (anti-inflammatories, sinus medication) is not effective, trying acupuncture is a great option.  All without any medicine side effects!

Contact Dr. Ruggiero or Dr. Shahi at any time to discuss any questions you might have about acupuncture and to see how it can help improve your quality of life at: (860) 643-2888.