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Dr. Ruggiero and Dr. Shahi are skilled in treating patients of all ages who suffer from a variety of chronic or acute pain conditions. Their treatment plan includes a variety of techniques: hands on chiropractic adjustments/manipulations, gentle mobilizations, massage, trigger point therapy, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, various other soft tissue procedures, physiotherapy modalities, therapeutic stretches, rehabilitative exercises, kinesiology tape, ergonomic and postural training, life-style changes, and nutritional supplementation and/or life style changes

After performing a thorough history and physical examination the doctors will take the time to explain your condition, their proposed treatment plan and types of therapy, frequency of care, possible referral for X-rays or to other specialists. Our goal is to reduce your pain, improve your function, prevent future exacerbations, restore your quality of life!


Dr. Brian Ruggiero has found that acupuncture is very effective in helping to relieve pain and improve ranges of motion throughout the body including shoulders, knees, elbows, neck, back, etc.  Using a mild current and ionizing heat lamp with the needles has been especially effective in relieving pain. Dr. Brian Ruggiero has also found great results utilizing acupuncture to relieve stress, sinus pressure, digestive, urinary, and reproductive issues as well.

After performing a thorough history and examination, he will take the time to show you the thin "horse hair"-sized sterilized needles, and the locations he plans to place them.  During the treatment, some patients are in a comfortable recliner, while others are relaxing on a cushioned table for about 20 minutes.  Total first appointment time is about 40 minutes.

Most all patients feel much relief and very relaxed during and following an acupuncture treatment. 


Dr. Brian Ruggiero has had success utilizing hypnosis to relieve patients' stress, pain, phobias, as well as cravings (food and smoking). 

The first part of the session involves talking with the doctor to target the behavior or symptom that you would like to enhance or remove.  Patients then relax on a recliner with their eyes closed, listening to the doctor's soothing voice.  He then helps guide the patient to tap into their imagination (right brain) and quiet their internal judge (left brain) through all of their senses.  Gentle suggestions to modify the behavior or symptom are then discussed together.  Self hypnosis is then taught in order to reinforce the positive changes that were made during the session so that the results remain permanent.  Total appointment time is about 1-1/2 hours in length.

Energy Healing:

Dr. Brian Ruggiero has seen very good lasting results working with patients suffering from chronic stress and pain with Reconnective Healing, a form of energy healing discovered by Dr. Eric Pearl.  Patients suffering from debiliating conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and cancer have also found great relief of symptoms and an increase in their strength and energy.  

During the session the patient relaxes in any position that is most comfortable to them (chair, table, etc).  Patients close their eyes and typically feel waves of relaxation throughout the session.  Permanent positive changes are noted either immediatly following the session, or within a few days time.  Total appointment time is about 30-45 minutes in length.


Please print and bring the corresponding form to your first appointment.