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New York Chiropractic College, Seneca Falls, NY
Doctorate of Chiropractic, Magna cum laude (July 2001)

College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA
Bachelor of Science, Concentration in Biology/Pre-medicine (May 1996)

Chiropractic Employment Experience:

Ruggiero Family Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center, Manchester, CT (October 2005 – Present)

Chiropractic Physician, Certified Acupuncturist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Energy Healing Practitioner, Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Qest4 Bioenergetic Healing Practitioner

Private Practice; I work as a licensed Chiropractic Physician offering relief to wellness patients, as well as patients suffering from acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions through chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy modalities, soft tissue techniques, and exercise rehabilitation. I have been trained and work with patients suffering from personal injury trauma and coordinate care with physiatrists, orthopedists, and neurologists throughout the greater Hartford area.  I also work as a certified acupuncturist, hypnotherapist, as well as Qest4 bioenergetic and energy healing practitioner.

Simsbury Chiropractic & Wellness Center, Simsbury, CT (September 2003 – September 2007)

Chiropractic Physician

I worked as a Chiropractic Physician in a family-based wellness practice which incorporated massage therapy, nutrition counseling, exercise rehabilitation, and acupuncture.

Shaw Chiropractic, Hartford, New Britain, East Hartford, & Bloomfield, CT (April 2002 – September 2003, Part Time: November 2004 –2007)

Chiropractic Physician

I worked as a Chiropractic Physician in an injury-based practice responsible for patient histories, examinations, designing treatment protocols, and coordination of care with attorneys and physician specialists.

Continuing Educational Development & Certifications:

Qest4 Bioenergetic Scanning, Foundation Level 1, Foundation Level 2, Ongoing Further Training (January 2020-Present)

Nationally Certified “Qest4 Bioenergetic Practitioner” (March 2020)                   Received Certified Training to use the Qest4 Bioenergetic Scanner to evaluate (through an electrical resistance response) imbalances in the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies.  This results in health-related factor information including nutritional, functional, and physiology factors; microorganisms and toxin signatures; homeopathic, energetic, resonance, and Eastern Medicine models; as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual issues.  This information is then used to create specific tinctures with energy frequencies that are optimally absorbed to balance each of the body systems and restore health at its source.

Shamanic Healing Dharma School, Parts I & II, Glastonbury, CT (July 2016-July 2017)
Nationally Certified Shamanic Healer (July 2017)

Certified Shamanic Healer program designed by Natalie Griffin, owner of the Naughty Shaman Dharma School, which is based on a combination of transpersonal coaching and ancient healing techniques using the chakra and meridian systems. By working on deep personal healing, discovering my own Dharma (Soul’s Mission), and learning healing practices from around the world, I can support and create a sacred space for you to reveal and be set free from any of your own toxic patterns and limiting issues. Doors will then be opened for you to clear karma and ancestral baggage, discover your own Dharma, and live a more fulfilled life.

Kapala I & Kapala II, Feeding Your Demons Tibetan Buddhist Practice Program, Tara Mandala – Pagosa Springs, CO (February 2014 – September 2014)

Nationally Certified “Feeding Your Demons” Facilitator (September 2014)

Certified Facilitator program designed by Lama Tsultrim Allione based upon understanding and deepening the “Feeding Your Demons: Ancient Wisdom for Resolving Inner Conflict” practice, which is based on ancient Tibetan Buddhist Teachings. By feeding/nurturing “demons” (anything that plagues or blocks you), rather than ignoring or battling them, you can release and free yourself from them.

Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection, Part I, II, & III, Lenox, MA & New York, NY (March 2012 – April 2012)

Nationally Certified Energy Healing Practitioner (April 2012)

Certified Energy Healing Practitioner program designed by Dr. Eric Pearl, teaching, “hands-off” techniques, working with energy frequencies to help you heal from challenges of disease, as well as facilitating a “reconnection” to help you to refocus and accelerate onto your own life path.

National Guild of Hypnotists, 180 Hour Certification Program, Coventry, CT & Marlborough, MA (February 2009 – November 2009)

Nationally Certified Hypnotherapist Practitioner (November 2009)

Certified Hypnotherapist Practitioner program designed by Dr. Aline Hoffman at Solution Alternatives for Healthier Living at Maple Brook Studio. Training included dynamic lectures, handouts, discussions, Q & A sessions, videos, and PowerPoints, as well as observing and participating in demonstrations of hypnotherapeutic processes and techniques. Specific attention was focused on learning effective techniques to help release phobias and addictions was made.

Acupuncture 150 Hour Certification Program, Rocky Hill, CT & Bridgeport, CT (September 2007 – June 2008)

Nationally Certified Acupuncturist Practitioner (December 2008)

Certified Acupuncturist Practitioner program designed by Dr. James Ventresca, D.O.M., Dip, Acu, and accredited by University of Bridgeport Chiropractic College. Involved teaching the philosophy, assessment, and acupuncture techniques for treatment of musculoskeletal pain, moving “stuck” energy, as well as providing relaxation, digestive, reproductive, and sinus relief.

American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board, Module I, 112.5 Hour, Rocky Hill, CT (October 2004 – November 2005)

Nationally Certified Rehabilitation Practitioner (November 2005)

Certified Rehabilitation Practitioner Program presented by Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College teaching outcomes assessment, sensorimotor, and spinal stabilization for the spine and extremities. Specific attention was focused on sports injuries and the use of exercise balls and Therabands.

Impairment Rating for Disability Evaluation, Boston, MA (March 2005 – May 2005)

Nationally Certified Independent Medical Evaluator of Permanent Impairment (May 2005)

Program designed by Dr. Steven Yeomans that involved teaching the proper use of the “American Medical Association’s Guide to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 5th Edition” for evaluation and impairment of the spine and extremities.

Additional Related Employment Experience:

Manchester Community College, Manchester, CT (2004-2012)

Part-time Biology Adjunct Instructor

Worked as a part-time Biology Adjunct Instructor for Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II Lecture and Laboratory.

American Medical Response, Worcester, MA (1996-1998)

Basic Emergency Medical Technician

Worked on an ambulance performing first-responder Basic EMT medical assistance throughout Worcester and surrounding areas.

Licenses and Certifications:

Nationally Certified Rehabilitation Practitioner (November 2005)
Licensed Chiropractor in Connecticut (February 2002)
Licensed Chiropractor in Massachusetts (September 2001)
National Board of Chiropractic Examiners: Passed Licensing Parts I, II, III, IV, and Physiotherapy (September 2001)

Nationally Certified Acupuncturist (December 2008)
Passed NBCE Acupuncture Exam (September 2008)

Hypnotherapy & Energy Work:      
Nationally Certified Shamanic Practitioner (July 2017)
Nationally Certified “Feeding Your Demons” Facilitator (September 2014)
Nationally Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner (April 2012)
Nationally Certified Hypnotherapist (November 2009)

Bioenergetic Evaluation and Treatment:
Nationally Certified Qest4 Bioenergetic Practitioner (March 2020)

Manchester Chamber of Commerce (October 2005 – Present)
American Chiropractic Association (July 2001 – Present)
National Guild of Hypnotists (November 2009 – Present)
Eagle Scout (1992)