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At Ruggiero Family Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center, chiropractic care is central to the family care services we offer. Using specific and gentle adjustments, muscular and soft tissue therapy, stretching, and exercise to strengthen surrounding muscle and avoid triggering issues in the future.

Ruggiero Family Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center

What to Expect with Dr. Brian Ruggiero

After reviewing client history and background paperwork, Dr. Ruggiero takes the time to listen and understand all areas of concern that may be present. A physical evaluation will uncover any unusual movement patterns, out-of-alignment issues or anatomical conditions that may exist. A primary source of problems that have been discovered over years of practice is the prevalence of pelvic instability due to an imbalance of musculature and tendon tightness that causes sacroiliac (SI joint) slippage. The absence of a balanced pelvis and SI joints not in proper alignment can result in several conditions from migraines to sciatica. Dr. Ruggiero will undertake a dynamic reading of the pelvis throughout the treatment process, which provides an objective assessment of how the body is responding to adjustment.

Types of Chiropractic Care Treatments

Because of its importance to overall wellness, SI joint alignment techniques are used to help achieve pain relief. These can include the pelvic drop piece, lumbar flexion-distraction piece, diversified adjustment, and activator instrument. Clients are taught easy-to-perform exercises that can be done at home to maintain pelvic balance.

Soft-tissue techniques include active release technique (ART), post-isometric relaxation (PIR) technique or percussive massage. Addressing soft tissue provides more comfort for patients to then receive adjustments and encourages the maintaining of correction and relief following adjustments.

McKenzie therapy extension exercises are also used to relieve disc herniation in both the cervical and lumbar spine. Much relief can be obtained for sinus pain and pressure using frontal and maxillary acupressure point techniques. Use of sacro-occipital technique (SOT) blocks and craniosacral techniques offer gentler adjustment to pain relief and balance.

Family chiropractic care is available for all ages, from birth to the elderly, Dr. Ruggiero has found that children respond especially fast to the relief of headaches and ear infections using a specific upper cervical adjustment with the activator instrument. Also, much success has also been realized in helping babies achieve a “proper” position before birth.

Whole Body Chiropractic Care

Following years of family chiropractic care practice, Dr. Ruggiero has realized that some patients who present with pain, but in structural alignment, are showing symptoms from an energetic and emotional level. By addressing the core source of the issue, using a combination of acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and energetic healing, these patients experience considerable relief.

Patients who receive a chiropractic treatment but still experience lingering tightness and pain often find this pain is relieved when treatment is coupled with acupuncture or energetic/shamanic healing. By treating the whole person, using a range of techniques, Dr. Ruggiero has realized considerable success.

Contact Dr. Ruggiero at any time to discuss any questions you might have about chiropractic care and to see how it can help improve your quality of life at: (860) 643-2888.