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Functional Medicine using the Qest4 Bioenergetic Scanner and Tinctures

Many patients suffer from multiple chronic symptoms due to a functional disturbance.  Functional disturbances occur when no specific tissue or organ damage can be identified by conventional lab work or traditional pathological testing. 

Where traditional approaches fall short, the Qest4 system introduces a new perspective, effectively utilizing your body’s own energy with technology of bioenergetic screening to evaluate and uncover imbalances in the physical, energetic, and emotional bodies using non-intrusive handheld electrodes. 

Pathogens, toxins, nutrients, and emotional patterns all have their own energetic frequency patterns.  The bioenergetic scan can pinpoint frequency signatures of mold, yeast, parasites, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, toxins, food sensitivities, emotional patterns, and more.

The Qest4 system then can be used to create specific imprint tinctures with the energy frequencies that are optimally absorbed to restore balance to each of the body systems. 

Patients’ find their chronic fatigue and pain being replaced with increased energy and mobility, especially when coupled with an ionizing foot bath that acts as a detoxing avenue for built-up inflammation and toxins.

I also use the Qest4 Bioenergetic system to scan patients suffering from Lyme disease and associated co-infections to determine in priority those specific frequencies that they can enter and use in their Rife machine.  This specificity offers an individualized clear prioritized plan of attack and detox clearing.

If you have any questions about your symptoms and/or conditions, and the Qest4 Bioenergetic System offered at Ruggiero Family Chiropractic, call 860-643-2888 to talk with Dr. Brian Ruggiero today.